Monday, February 26, 2007


Klamath River Karuk Ceremonies - California

We just received this update from Karuk Mountain Dance Council regarding the Karuk Jump (Mountain) Dance on the Klamath River. The annual Karuk Tribal ceremony is centered at the village of Ameekyaaraam, which is near Ike’s Falls on the Klamath River. As the Karuk Jump (Mountain) Dance Council, they continue to speak for this one dance and this dance only. All rafting companies on the Klamath, please read the letter below:

"We are alerting you to the dates of the Karuk Mountain (Jump) Dance as soon as we are able. We hope that your company will find these dates useful as you develop your rafting schedules.

During the period of AUGUST 6, 2007 through SEPTEMBER 5, 2006, we ask that a “quiet zone” from the Salmon River Bridge at Somes Bar to below Ike’s Falls be observed. We also ask that during this time, there be no takeouts or put-ins at the dance grounds under the Klamath River Bridge on Ishi Pishi Road at the mouth of the Cal Salmon River. We realize that there is a need to “take-out” before the long stretch on the Klamath River to Orleans from Ike’s Falls. Take-outs on the east side of the river, below Ike’s Falls is an option, but please observe the “quiet zone”.

We appreciate your efforts to help us make this religious ceremony comfortable for the Indian families who participate. Please share this information with other rafting companies and others who would find this information helpful. We would like to expand our mailing list, so please encourage those you share this with to contact us so that we can add them to our list.

Thank you so much for your help and cooperation. If you have any questions, please call David and Jan Tripp at (530) 469-3432. Or write us at PO Box 325, Orleans CA 95556."

The Karuk Mountain Dance Council

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Friday, February 23, 2007


Swift Water Rescue Founder Passes Away

America Outdoors, the leading professional outdoor adventure organization announced that Jim Segerstrom, the founder of the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Program and a partner in Rescue 3, has passed away on February 5th. Many members of America Outdoors will remember Jim from a Western River Guides Convention in Salt Lake City in 1980 where he spoke to the outdoor industry about a new Swift Water Rescue Certification Program and a new organization called Rescue 3.

The Swift Water Rescue Technician Program under Segerstrom became a highly regarded training program, known worldwide. The training is now offered in over 30 countries throughout the world.

A small stroke on Thursday, February 1, followed by a second one led him to be hospitalized at the neurological ICU at UC San Francisco's Moffitt Hospital where he passed away.

The boating community sends their prayers to the Segerstrom Family. Jim's influence had a profound affect on the whitewater rafting industry. His influence was felt throughout all emergency rescue programs on waterways throughout the country. He was a true pioneer and took his teachings throughout the United States, Japan, South American and Europe.

Thanks to America Outdoors for this News Item

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


New Zealand Rafters Found

The 55-year old husband and 47-year old wife missing after a short river rafting run down the Mangakino Stream were found. Their intention was to float down few kilometers to a desingated meeting point just northwest of Taupo.

A helicopter search and rescue team went out that evening looking with night vision goggles after missing the rendezvous. After a long night, the rescuers called it quits and were determined to look again the next day using ground crews and kayakers.

The couple ran out of daylight on the first day and decided to camp that evening. The next morning, the two headed out but ran into problems on the river when their raft was punctured. At that point, they decided to pull over and continued hiking for help. Due to a lack of cell phone coverage, the couple was not able to contact anyone. They were found by a helicopter search during the day.

Two things that they did right: 1) did not try to raft in the dark and 2) let people know when they would be at the take-out. Because of this, they survived their ordeal as rescuers immediately went into alert when the couple did not show up at their designated take-out time. They also took precaution by not trying to navigate the river as darkness approached. Let's hope others learned from this couple's hardship on the river.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Epic Broadband Channel

The Weather Channel has launched a new interactive web site called Epic. The new site will highlight how outdoor sports is directly affected by weather conditions. Epic Conditions is the parent company which will debut the new program on March 4th, Sunday at 9PM on the weather channel. The Epic site is available now.

Exclusive video by Warren Miller productions will show the incredible dynamics of weather and high-risk sports. "Epic is designed to showcase the power and importance of weather and its impact on outdoor activities," said Tom Flournoy, VP of advanced media for The Weather Channel. He also goes on to say that the site will encourage the positive impact that weather brings to people's lives and outdoor passion.

Imagine how that interaction will work after a major storm on rivers. Epic will surely impact the whitewater industry by allowing users to view rivers rising at their peak and the paddlers challenging those rapids. We can watch rivers like the North Fork American at its prime flow!

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Monday, February 12, 2007


$25 Million Prize - Enter Now!

Richard Branson, of Virgin Atlantic Airlines has posted a $25 million bounty for the researched solution for global warming. Scientists are reeling over the possibility of finding a way to suck greenhouse gases out of the air.

Branson said,"Man created the problem, therefore man should solve the problem."

He compared the competition to a 1714 contest which the British government launched to estimate longitude correctly. Sixty years passed before a prize winner could claim the prize from Great Britain.

The technology for sucking gases out of the air is already in place but costs are so prohibitive that the implementation is not feasible, yet. Branson is hoping that this incentive will help to focus scientists to research a cost effective way of capturing the carbon dioxide waste.

Current technology for capturing the gases would cost approximately $300 per ton. David Keith, engineering professor at the University of Calgary has a provisional patent on carbon atmospheric capture technology. He said, "This is really about price." Keith reiterates that technology is there, but the costs are enormous.

Branson's original commitment to fighting global warming has a $3 billion price tag. He is devoting all profits from his travel companies over the next 10 years. This latest incentive will push science to make a major commitment towards a solution. Branson has also started a new Virgin Fuels business and plans to invest $400 million in green-energy projects.

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Monday, February 05, 2007


Global Warming - Can it Happen?

Global warming is the hottest news item around the globe. How it affects the land masses and climate changes can be alarming. Indonesia is looking at losing most of their country around 30 years from now. The U.S. is hunkering down for more "Katrina-type" events in the southern states. California and the west will probably have hotter summers and wetter winters of catastrophic proportions. European nations will suffer from killer heat waves similar to a few years ago.

Geologists and other scientists have seen this type of climate changes throughout the history of our planet. Those changes came gradually or after a catastrophic event such as Krakatoa or other earth shifts. This time, we can point to our own vast network of technological advancements such as the automobile and the burning of fossil fuels. Those of you who are reluctant to believe that man could affect the world in this manner need to take a look at the anthropology of the Moai on Rapa Nui better known as Easter Island.

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Friday, February 02, 2007


California - South Fork American

The whitewater rafting community and its paddlers are rejoicing over the recent agreements with the utility companies on the Upper American River rafting hydroelectric project. SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) has come to an agreement with the boating community to release water from their dam sources for year-round recreation. This historic signing yesterday came after a long five year struggle of negotiations. The agreement will be in place for a 30 to 50 year stretch.

Here is the agreement:
  • Regularly scheduled whitewater releases and guaranteed flows for whitewater rafting below Chili Bar Reservoir year-round in all years of the agreement.

  • Higher flow releases to protect and enhance habitat for aquatic species.

  • Improvements and construction of recreational facilities near reservoirs.

  • $1.3 million per year for recreation and maintenance funding.

  • During drought conditions, flexible operations.

Many groups came together for the historic signing including state and federal resource agencies, environmental groups, whitewater recreation groups and private citizens.

Next step is the relicensing with the Placer County Water Agency's Middle Fork American River. According to representatives of the rafting community, this relicensing should be a lot smoother than the long five year negotiations with SMUD.

The rafting community is in awe of the prospect of having guaranteed flows for every weekend of the year. Imagine, being able to count on flows whenever you want to go rafting!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007


North Carolina - French Broad Rafting Co

French Broad Rafting Company is holding a fundraiser tonight. The fire that wiped out their warehouse back in November has created a real hardship for this four year old rafting company. We reported this rafting news item back in November when the owners first reported it.

Michael and Mitch Hampton, owners had no insurance and they will be having a fund raiser tonight at Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina. Cost is $15 per person. A raffle, auction and live music will be presented at this event.

To help this rafting company, visit this link

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