Friday, April 27, 2007


Cal Salmon River Fest - California

California Salmon River hosts a River Fest from May 5 through the 7th. The Raft and Kayak competition commences on May 6th. The Cal Salmon is a Class 5 white water run that flows on a beautiful pristine river near the California/Oregon border. World class kayakers are expected to attend this party on the river.

For whitewater rafters who want to go rafting during that time, contact a Cal Salmon outfitter and reserve your river trip now. A listing of Cal Salmon rafting companies is located on the California whitewater rafting website.

For more information go to Caliproduct for the announcements and times or visit their main website at

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Waller Creek - Austin, TX

Waller Creek is about to get a make-over. An urban creek that flows adjacent to Austin's convention center, is an environmental eyesore of debris and trash flowing through the downtown area. Champion of creeks and rivers, Jim Stuart, a former member of the kayaking and rafting industry, is spearheading the movement to create a whitewater paddling park. His credits include outfitting actor Ned Beatty with rafting gear for the movie "Deliverance." Stuart also helped organize the World White Water Championships in the early 80's on the Savage River in western Maryland.

City Councilwoman, Sheryl Cole, pushing for the tunnel project that would upgrade pumps to move the water in a consistent and regulated flow, has recently created the Waller Creek Citizens Advisory Committee. So far, none of the other ideas from the citizens have considered a recreational white water park (trail) for Austin, but there are many precedents to the idea as seen around the country such as Denver's Confluence Park in their lower downtown along with Truckee Whitewater Park in Reno, Nevada.

Thanks to the Austin Chronicle for this information!

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Friday, April 20, 2007


Ocoee River - Tennessee

Ocoee River, the 1996 Olympic whitewater paddle host, was compromised by a diesel fuel spill a couple of days ago. A tanker truck had an accident near white water rafting businesses close to the North Carolina and Georgia borders. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident though a measureable amount of fuel was spilled into the river.

Spokesperson, Tisha Calabrese-Benton, from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation said, "... some of the diesel fuel has gotten into the river but in a manageable amount."

The TDEC and other local environmental management agencies are attempting to clean the mess and drain the tanker from spilling more fuel into the river.

The white water rafting companies have not started their weekday recreation schedules yet and don't anticipate problems when their weekday trips start in June.

Thanks to Business Week for this information!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Abigail Hoffman

Well known Maine outdoors woman, Abigail Hoffman died recently in a tragic ski accident while participating in fundraiser at Sugarloaf. A rafting guide, legislator, mother and outdoors lover, her death leaves a huge hole in Maine's outdoor industry.

Her influence in helping environmental and conservation concerns leaves many mourning. Popular outdoor blogger, Carey Kish has a tribute on his blog to her with a call for donations to the Kennebec Valley Land Trust, PO Box 261, Winthrop, ME 04364. Instead of flowers, please consider contributing in her name. California environmentalists send a heartfelt note of symphony to her friends and family.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


SMUD Relicensing a Gift for Rafters

SMUD's (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) recent relicensing is proving to be a gift to whitewater rafters in California. California rafting will be available throughout the season with controlled flows coming from dam operators on the South Fork American and Middle Fork American Rivers.

The agreement is allowing SMUD to manage the water by providing runnable flows on both rivers. On the South Fork American, the operators have designated "dry" Wednesdays in the month of May and June with flows everyday. And in July and August, everyday will be available with only a "dry" Monday.

On the Middle Fork American, the water managers will provide 7-days a week of runnable flows.

Based on this year's dismal snowpack, the agreement and management of the river resource will prove to be a gift for the whitewater rafting public assuring them of boatable flows this rafting season.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Rafting as a Recruiting Incentive

Accounting giant, Ernst and Young has taken the next step in recruiting their young new employees for accounting careers. River rafting wasn't quite exciting enough, so the accounting firm took their recruits on a rafting adventure down the slippery snow-covered slopes of Utah this past March. 300 students from Brigham Young were wooed with the latest recruitment incentives.

Large corporate giants are developing unusual recruitment techniques to attract young guns into their businesses with wine tasting vacations, whitewater rafting trips, adventure travel, baseball games and more. As competition heats up for the best, employers are developing more creative ways to draw in new employees and keeping them.

All these programs will help to create happier and better motivated employees for their companies. And, what better way to help our whitewater rafting industry to create even more potential rafting clients for rafting companies!

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