Monday, June 25, 2007


Faux River - Maryland

It was inevitable... there are man-made surf waves at theme parks and climbing walls in almost every city. There are man-made kayak surf holes on rivers that run through urban centers. There are whitewater rafting parks, man-made and human designed in many, many locations throughout the world. So it was inevitable that the first man-made river now cascades down from a mountain in Garrett County, Maryland. Marsh Mountain hosts the Adventure Sports Center International with a 1,700-foot whitewater river.

For $50 per person, they plan to take as many people on this faux-whitewater river as an introduction to the sport. From Class I to Class IV, a new paddler will be able to experience what the rest of us have been experiencing all along, except this is a controlled environment with no surprises.

Experienced, professional guides still lead the charge as they help the novices learn whitewater paddling techniques. This new venture will only help to bring new rafters and paddlers to the sport of whitewater river rafting on real rivers!

Thanks to Washington Post for the news announcement!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


AB 951 - American River, California

The California legislator's have finally addressed the deviant behavior on the urban lower American River in Sacramento. Assemblyman Dave Jones, a Democrat representing Sacramento wrote the AB 951 after many of his constituents had raised questions about the alcohol-inspired riots from past holiday weekends on that river.

The county placed a ban on alcohol, but found that they could not regulate the actual behavior in the rafts. The local jurisdiction pleaded with the assembly to find a way to regulate drinking on the river. The cost to the county has been noted as increased sheriff patrols on the river have tried to prevent near riots during the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends. And then after the trip, the rowdy paddlers get in their cars and drive drunk putting the entire community at-risk. All these holiday weekends attract participants who have traveled sometimes from out-of-state to join the revelry on the do-it-yourself float stretch of the class II Lower American River.

What used to be a fun-filled weekend for families has turned into classic film grist for a "Girl's Gone Wild" episode. This is the urban jewel of Sacramento's waterways. The Lower American has been an artist's river as many well-known painters have featured river scenes in their artworks. It has been a local shame that the river has lost it's soul to a bunch of rowdy testosterone-laden young hooligans ready to drink and fight their way towards manhood.

The Sacramento community welcomes Congressman Dave Jones bill. Now let's hope the Govenor's listening to those who want to enjoy a day on the river without wading through beer bottles, trash, boom boxes and flying fists on what used to be a family rafting trip.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


SURFING Magazine - Carbon Offsets

Surfing Magazine, established in 1964 covers progressive surfing and is the official magazine for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. They have formed a partnership with foundation to buy carbon offsets for mangrove reforestation in India. Mangroves are important for the health of fish habitat and help filter ocean pollution.

The magazine's second annual Green Issue will be distributed August 21, 2007. The first Green Issue focused on how global warming will affect surfers and surfing. This year, the publication is making itself accountable by buying the carbon offsets.

"We have an obligation to protect the resources that give us so much joy," says SURFING Magazine Publisher Ross Garrett. "Offsets aren't the whole answer, but they might buy us some time. Overall, through this issue and International Surfing Day, we’re focused on generating awareness and action with surfers across the globe." support mission for renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects, help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The organization is a non-profit.

Thanks to CSR Corporate Social Responsibility for this news item!

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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Tuolumne River - California

Well-known river, the Tuolumne, lies just outside of the Yosemite area in California. A popular rafting destination for many northern Californian paddlers, the river has been on several lists of top ten whitewater rafting rivers in the west.

After two years of extreme high water, the Tuolumne will have great regulated flows though out the 2007 rafting season. Outfitters on the main section of the Tuolumne and the famous Class V section called the Cherry Creek run, should have a near normal season due to dam controlled water releases.

The Cherry Creek run is one of the most difficult Class V rafting trips, and original whitewater pioneer, Marty McDonnell's Sierra Mac River Trips was the first outfitter to offer commercial rafting on this stretch of river back in 1972. "I have a passion for that stretch of river," said Marty McDonnell, "It requires a team of guides who really know the river and we have a group of about six who work together here all summer whose main focus is the Tuolumne. Folks who want to do the river know we do about 90 percent of the trips, and they trust us."

The Tuolumne River was designated to the Wild and Scenic Rivers System on September 28, 1984. The O'Shaugnessy Dam in the Hetch Hetchy Valley of Yosemite National Park controls the water releases for the main Tuolumne river.

Thanks to Union Democrat for the quotes!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007


RiverLink - French Broad River

Non-profit RiverLink is the organization helping the French Broad River to maintain its environmental water quality and its economic viability. Founded in 1987, they have helped to increase conservation and public awareness of the river by developing access and recreation. RiverLink was also vital to the economic revitilization of Aheville's riverfront district.

On June 14th, RiverLink hosts the Asheville Associates at Windows at the Park. A festival of music, food, beer and wine tasting, and rafting will raise monies that go directly to RiverLink. Huck Finn Rafting and Southern Waterways will provide the rafting trips throughout the day.

Thanks to the Citizens-Time from Asheville for this news item!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Fly Fishing meets Whitewater

Fly fishing never seemed so exciting, as the usual tranquil sport contrasted with the wild waters of the Eagle River in Colorado. Eight finalists were met with whitewater rapids along with trout fishing in a contest held this past week during the Teva Mountain Games. Higher flows from spring melt met the competitors with exciting white water.

First prize winner, Mark Sassi of Edwards won a $1,000 prize and a new Sage fly rod for landing 5 fish in 4 hours. Cody Powell came in second with 4 fish with Jeff Wagner landing 3 fish for the third place finish. Wagner also won a $500 bonus for the largest fish caught.

Thanks to the Denver Post for this news!

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Friday, June 01, 2007


White Water Media Day - California

Whitewater rafting enthusiasts will appreciate the efforts from the American River community in the Lotus Coloma Valley in Northern California. Tomorrow, June 2nd is the Annual Whitewater Media Day on the South Fork of the American River. El Dorado County, California Outdoors, the American River outfitters, local businesses and the media will all be paddling on the Gorge section of this river.

The Gorge is an 11-mile stretch of Class 3 to 3+ whitewater river. The section starts in the heart of the Gold Rush town of Coloma, where John Sutter found the first gold. An historic park lies in Coloma preserving Sutter's mill right on the shores of the river. The Gorge flows through several rapids and its moniker emphasizes the steep canyon-like walls near the best class 3+ rapids of the day. The river ends in Folsom Lake, a large reservoir just above Sacramento; California's state capitol.

Each rafting company donates guides, rafts and equipment, vehicles, barbecue, and, even land in order to host this special media event. Publishers of print, television, radio and internet media send their representatives to paddle and river raft the South Fork American, the most popular river in the Western United States.

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