Saturday, July 21, 2007


Lim River - Montenegro

28 rafts competed in a recent competition on the Lim River in Montenegro. A six-man team from Bulgaria secured a silver and bronze medal in 3 categories: slalom two manshes, sprint with eliminations and 5 km drops. This was an impressive showing for this team as it was only the 2nd time that they participated in this competition.

The biggest competition came from the Serbs, Crotians and Slovakians. Those more seasoned teams placed first and second in the rankings. Next step comes the preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games in Peking, China.

Thanks to Blaga Bangieva for this informative post!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Gauley - West Virginia

The state's Division of Natural Resources Whitewater Commission has been asked by the West Virginia Professional River Outfitters to levy a mandatory 35-cent fee for each rafter that floats through 4 sections of the Gauley River.

This fee would help the WVPRO in stocking trout for the river. Since 1990, the association has taken it upon themselves to stock the river with trout using the association's membership fees. This has helped extend the recreational opportunities for the public and the resource.

Each licensed rafting company will collect the monies as a mandatory use fee and submit those funds as part of a monthly report of use. This same concept is used in California on the American River's whitewater sections of the South Fork and Middle Fork of the American.

The Gauley and other rivers already have a use-fee levied for rafting, but this fee covers the agencies that fund studies for economic impacts and developing tourism, carrying capacities, safety issues and overseeing the quality of the rafting trip itself.

The new fees will be earmarked solely for the stocking of trout. This program will help to create a economic base for fishing and extending the Gauley's recreational resources.

Thanks to the Daily Mail for this item.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007


International Surfing Day

The Surfrider Foundation helped sponsor several environmental events last week during International Surfing Day. Over 2,500 lbs of trash were collected during this year's events.

The focus of the event was surfing as well as activities ranging from litter clean-up to global awareness of keeping beaches and oceans protected. “To be out there interacting with our oceans and riding waves, it’s an incredible experience,” says former World Surfing Champion Shaun Tomson. “This is a great opportunity to let the rest of the world see just how special the sport of surfing is.”

Over a dozen countries participated such as the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, France, Argentina,, Brazil, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Japan.

International Surfing Day was made possible by Surfing Magazine, the Surfrider Foundation, Billabong, SoBe LifeWater Beverages, Islands Restaurants, Pac Sun, Simple Shoes, Surf Tech Surfboards, Earthpack and For more information on International Surfing Day please check the website.

Thanks to American Chronicle for this information.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


4th of July - USA

The Fourth of July is here with hot weather, hot dogs and red, white & blue confetti. The real beginning of summer. Throughout the country many people will jump aboard a raft and float down a river. Some will venture out on their own, floating in plastic rafts or inner tubes. While other paddlers hire professional whitewater outfitters to paddle down advanced river runs near their communities.

Whatever river you are paddling today on this 4th, Rafting News asks everyone to have a proper lifejacket on at all times. Many locales have community programs for families where you can rent lifejackets for all members in your group. Drinking is fine when you get back home to the barbecue, but don't do it on the river. And a word about trash. Pick it up and throw it away into a trash receptacle. Keep the rivers as clean as the day they were formed. Come home tonight safe and sound to your friends and family and keep this July 4th as a cherished memory.

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