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All about Rafting in California

As one of the most trusted brands on the internet, W.E.T. River Trips, founded in 1978 in Sacramento, California has compiled this resource page for those of you who are looking for rafting information. California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Idaho have some of the best whitewater rafting in the United States. Here are several information sites that will provide you with rafting info to help you organize your California river trips and other recommended runs in the Western United States.

California whitewater rafting is an information site filled with river descriptions, lists of licensed and permitted outfitters and resources for rafting and traveling around the rivers. RaftInfo is a general directory describing rivers throughout the country. Adventure Sports Online is a large directory of rafting outfitters, bicycling resources, adventure sports and links to outdoor adventure job postings. CACreeks is another great paddling site with extensive descriptions from a paddler's point of view for kayakers and rafters. Gordon's Guide is another site with several websites catering to rafting, adventure sports and trips. The American River website and it's sister site is a Dottie award winning site of information about the whitewater sections of the world-famous American River.

California Rafting
South Fork American Class 3 beginner, novice, intermediate
Merced Class 4 novice, intermediate
North Fork American Class 4+ intermediate, advanced
Tuolumne Class 4+ intermediate
Cal Salmon Class 5 advanced
Yuba Class 5 advanced
Cherry Creek Class 5+ advanced

Some of our favorite websites include, of course, our own, California Rafting W.E.T. River Trips, one of the original rafting websites filled with information on rafting in California, suggested rivers for rafting enthusiasts, how to make a reservation for rafting and tips for river travel. Another great site is Friends of the River, a website with info on many smaller rivers in California that run in the springtime only and political action for river protection. On the national level, American Whitewater is the non-profit organization for paddling sports, lobbying efforts and political action for river conservation. Since 1989, the American River Conservancy has completed 60 conservation projects to preserve the environment around the rivers. The American Rivers is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and restoring natural rivers. In Sacramento, the American River Parkway Foundation helps to protect the urban lower American River which is always endangered by encrouching development. Boating Education is a California Department of Boating & Waterways' website filled with info on safe rafting procedures. For publications and mapping of watersheds, the California Geological survey is a great resource. has great resources for all scientific data regarding streams, rivers and creeks including publications and maps. And our favorite for flow information in California is the all important USGS (United States Geological Survey) waterdata site for realtime flow of rivers. For an analytical tome of the behavior of rivers as it relates to geology, Engineering Geology is a good read for the more scientific mind. Yahoo also has its own rafting directories along with Google's comprehensive directory for river trips in California.

For travelers, several directories and publications will help you during your stays in major metropolitan areas such as San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, San Jose and Los Angeles. For those of you staying in the San Francisco Bay Area, hotel and lodging resources, restaurants and activities can be found on the site. From the Central Valley and Sacramento areas, a full listing of activities, restaurants, lodging may also be found on this site. In the Lake Tahoe area, find information at Visiting Lake Tahoe. Many California visitors are here in this state because of technology and East Bay and San Jose areas are the homes of many well-known tech companies. And in the Southern portion of our state, Los Angeles is a major city out here in the west and includes famous landmarks such as Hollywood and more. All these major cities are in close proximity to world reknown rafting trips such as the American River, Truckee, Yuba, Kern, Tuolumne and Klamath Rivers. These are rivers that have Class 2 to 5 whitewater sections and have made rivers in California a serious destination for rafters and paddlers from all parts of the world. More resources can be found here.

Recommended Outfitters on these rivers include: W.E.T. River Trips on the American River which includes the South Fork, Middle Fork and North Fork sections of whitewater. Truckee River Club on the popular Truckee. Beyond Limits on the springtime Yuba River. Kern River Outfitters on the Kern River near Los Angeles and many others. Other outfitters and more esoteric rivers can be found on the general listing site at

For more information on California rafting and California whitewater rafting, please see our website at And for a fun read, visit the oldest rafting blog in the West on our website. If you can't find the information you need, just call us at 1.888.RAFTWET or 1.888.723.8938 for reservations. Copyright 2013, California, USA.