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Rafting Pictures from California!
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Summer months highlight rafting fun! Lots of families join in on the South Fork American River.

Sun and fun! Challenge yourself on the whitewater in California this summer.

Dad and son join in on the Class 3 whitewater with joyful smiles & enthusiasm!

Headguide, Alex is giving the safety talk at the put-in for the Middle Fork American. Paddlers are ready to go! Paddles in hand, helmets on head & an adventurous spirit!

Tunnel Chute on the Middle Fork American River is the wildest Class 4+ rapid that we've ever seen!

Hey, where'd they go... there they are! South Fork American rock 'n roll!

North Fork American River Class 4 to 4+
W.E.T.'s favorite whitewater section of the American River. The river corridor is isolated, beautiful with lots of rapids. We encourage experienced athletic users on this granite-boulder strewn run.

W.E.T. River Trips since 1978

North Fork American Class 4 to 4+
Boats approaching a class IV rapid. When you are just above the rapid, it looks like there's nothing there until you are on top of it! And then swoosh, it's a class 4!

Here's a group ready for their class 4+ run on the high water on the North Fork American. Strong, athletic paddlers are recommended.

Spring rafting in California requires gear and accessories to keep you warm! W.E.T. River Trips includes wetsuits, paddle/splash jackets, helmets on all early spring runs.

Senior safety kayaker, Andrew is kicking back during a lunch break on the North Fork American. He's the guy who's there for the wayward swimmer when they fall out of the paddle boats. Oooh, look at how bright the sun was that spring day!

Chamberlain Falls on the North Fork American River will challenge any veteran rafter. Technical with a nice keeper hole, you've got to stay alert for the guide's commands!

Okey, so we photoshopped the sign at the put-in on the American River! Shzzz... you really do need to pay attention to the melt cycle, the weather and how much water might be released by Mother Nature or a man-made dam.

This is our official logo since 1978!
W.E.T. River Trips

There's Liz & Maggie hanging out at Camp Lotus checking out the dudes!

Notice how you have to work together while paddling. This is why whitewater rafting is the perfect team-building activity for your group.

A team building event on the South Fork American usually includes the ritual of "surfing the hole" at the Chili Bar put-in.

Rucka-Chucky Rapid is a waterfall on the Middle Fork American River Tunnel Chute run

Here's the van! Guides pile out and they are ready to go rafting with you.

All the South Fork American River trips meet at Camp Lotus in Coloma Lotus Valley. We meet at this structure right past the little store next to the parking area.

During the spring, the granite rocks on the hillside are covered with a beautiful lime- green lichen. Fed by underground springs and rain, the hills will bloom with a glorious array of wildflowers such as golden poppies, lichens and blooming redbud trees. A kaleidescope of colors!

Best coloration on the granitic rocks is in the North Fork American River canyon. A narrow, class 4+ run in a bouder-strewn corridor, we take a lunch break where we can soak up the sun and enjoy the view.

On a budget? Ask our rafting consultants for special discounts on our trips. Group and corporate rates are available. Also discounts for families, teens, college students and youth groups.
There's Liz, our teen rafting consultant... yukkin' it up during a rafting trip on the South Fork American River. Each year, she organizes several youth groups to come rafting with us. There is usually a dance party that evening around the campfire where the iPods come out and the goils dress up in a theme of their choice.

Last year, they all dressed up like hippies with long skirts, headbands and drenched in patchoulie oil! Ay caramba... shades of the 60's. These teens know how to have fun!

Our rafting groups are varied. From bachelor parties to corporate groups to "just friends," our rafters come from all walks of life.

One thing they all have in common, is the love of the outdoors and an open-mindness of adventure. Here's a group all decked out in W.E.T. t-shirts!

Above a major rapid, paddlers sometimes can not see what's coming up! At the top, the river may look deceptively calm... and then whoosh, you are into the whitewater rapids. Luckily, the guides know the route and have paddled the river many, many times.
Paddlers on the Southfork What are they thinking about? WHITEWATER
Check in with Saul Guides' Custom Paddle Paddleboat on Cal Salmon
Put in at Chili Bar The River Gods! Class V Kayak Support
Guides in Limousines Jason sleek as a seal Cascade on the Salmon River
Kids' Swimming W.E.T. boats Fun Yak on the Klamath
Cartwheels at the Beach party! Saul's Strawberry Dropping into Tunnel Chute on Middlefork
W.E.T. guides in the rain... Rainbow coalition Dougie Fresh w/chew
Ian Looking Cool in a W.E.T. t-shirt Eye of God Class VI/unrunnable
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1) Hot Shot Imaging 530.621-0400
Visit them after your South Fork American trip at their storefront on Hwy 49 to order pictures.
They will have our Middle Fork American trip photos online. Check out the Tunnel Chute runs!

2) PS Photography Call 530.401.0088 for photo information; best photos!.

3) Or check out WET River Trips flickr site at

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