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    Rafting Trips

    South Fork American; Novice: anyday, unless sold-out or dam maintenance

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    Groupon Groupies! : UPDATED as of February 6, 2016

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    INSTRUCTIONS: Please email your date requests to wet email address

    Call 888.723.8938 and mention "Groupon Coupon": Or email & send the following...

    We will confirm by email with the following info:

    Please note that once we confirm your trip date, there are no cancellations or reschedules allowed. So please choose your date carefully. Your cancellation could affect another reservation holder's ability to participate... in other words, they won't be able to go because you cancelled!

    Cancellation Policy - WET River Trips

    Please read carefully!

    All cancellations

    Please contact our office for any questions regarding our cancellation policy. Call 1.888.723.8938 for information.

    White Water Rafting :: group trips, family fun!

    Please note: all schedules are subject to change based on flows or availability

    Purchase a gift certificate for $100:

    Buy Gift Certs on our Online Rafting Store.

    Ideal for group rafting trips. Call 1.888.723.8938 for availability; request your trip!

    All one day trips may add an option of camping with dinner; see discounts for bundled packages.

    South Fork American Resources and Information

    All American River Trips have a Land Use Fee for CA State Parks, El Dorado County, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and US Forest Service.

    Established 1978 in Sacramento, California. Running American River rafting & whitewater rivers throughout California.

    Permitted by:

    Price Information: visit our online store

    For more information on California rafting and California whitewater, please visit our website at W.E.T. River Trips was established in 1978 in Sacramento, California, USA on Planet Earth! Visit our rafting blogs for up-to-date information and news. American River rafting trips, American River whitewater are available from mid-March through September. For more rafting resources visit our information pages. If you can't find the info, just call us at 1.888.RAFTWET or 1.888.723.8938 toll free! Visit our online rafting store at for immediate purchases and savings. Write to: W.E.T. River Trips, PO Box 160024, Sacramento, CA 95816 Attn: Reservations

    Rafting Resources

    Do you know what you want? Request your reservation now! Otherwise, follow these other links to other rafting resources on the net. California rafting is here now!

    About W.E.T. River Trips -

    W.E.T. River Trips was established in 1978. Running California white water rafting rivers in California. W.E.T. River Trips is an official California State Parks concessionaire.

    Permitted by United States Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, California State Parks, El Dorado County & other governing agencies.

    Nirvana is found on the river. Raft with us and see why W.E.T. is the premier California white water rafting company for California whitewater rafting trips.

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