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Guide Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming a WET River Trips raft guide. We are always looking for both part-time and full-time high-quality candidates to add to our exceptional staff.

We are currently accepting applications for experienced and inexperienced river guides for the 2022 season. We accept and thoroughly consider applications at any time and year-round. However, we do the majority of our hiring prior to June 1st.

   If you are seeking employment as a whitewater raft guide but have not yet attended a guide school please visit our Guide School Page

About WET River Trips

WET River Trips is one of the original whitewater outfitters in California, founded in 1978. WET is owned and operated by one of the most experienced guides in the industry with 30 years and thousands of miles of one day and multi-day trips on Class 3-5 steep creeks and big water rivers.

We take pride in providing the highest quality trips with the most experienced staff the is fun but professional.

Unlike the majority of other outfitters in the industry, WET has made the conscious decision to not try to be one of the biggest outfitters. Instead we have remained a mid-sized company with the capability to accommodate and sized group, but we will sell out on any given day in order to focus on
providing the highest quality trip to every one of our guests instead of trying to take as many guests as possible.

WET River Trips offers whitewater rafting trips on 9 different rivers. Ranging in difficulty from Class 3-5. And varying in length from half-day to 5-day trips.

About Our Staff

WET River Tips has a staff of 40 guides who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. 30 of which are part time guiding primarily on weekends and working in many other occupations the rest of the time. Almost all of our part-time guides have worked as full time guides for many years before moving on to other occupations. Many of our guides and almost all of our full-time guides have worked in various countries when our season in California is over and/or in other outdoor industries.

Our Rafting Season

Our season runs from April 1 – September 30. While we always have trips going out in the spring and fall, 7 days a week, the peak of the season is from July to August and on weekends throughout the season. We usually start getting busy Memorial Day weekend and don’t slow down until mid to late September. We are fortunate enough to have 2 rivers (South and Middle Forks of the American River) that have federally guaranteed recreational flows no matter what the winter snowpack provides. Due to this and their proximity to major urban areas, these are the rivers that comprise the majority of our trips.

Hiring Standards

The most important and valued component of WET River Trips is our exceptional guides. They are what truly makes WET stand out. In order to maintain this, we have high hiring standards. We are looking for guides that have:

  • Communication Skills
  • Common Sense and our
  • Safety-Oriented
  • A Positive and Flexible Attitude
  • A Strong Work Ethic
  • Can Work Well with Others Have a passion for the outdoors
  • A desire to learn and teach

Because we hold all our guides to these high standards, our guides deliver the highest quality trips in the industry, love what they do and working with each other.

Guide Duties and Responsibilities

Whether you are an experienced guide or our hired through our guide school, you will be expected to have the following skills. Don’t worry if you don’t have all or any of these skills, as long as you are willing and have the desire to learn we will give you the training, opportunity and time to learn whatever you may be lacking.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Safely navigate rivers, lakes, trails, or roads in watercraft, vehicles and on foot.
  • Learn the WET River Trips Menus, prepare and beautifully display delicious meals, practice safe food handling procedures including paying attention to dietary restrictions.
  • Care for WET’s equipment and your personal equipment.
  • Complete any and all necessary operational documents.
  • Ability to safely work in a physical demanding job.
  • Assist in whitewater rescue of persons and equipment. Including giving proper medical care and facilitate evacuation when needed.
  • Safely and securely rig any and all boats and vehicles for whitewater and road travel.
  • Load and unload trips at put-in, take-out and at the warehouse. Including packing, unpacking and any required clean-up.
  • Set-up and break-down camps.
  • Clearly and effectively give safety orientations and train crews.
  • Be familiar with and knowledgeable of the use of all items in First Aid and Repair Kits.
  • Know and comply with regulations set by governing management agencies.
  • Strive to provide the highest quality, most enjoyable, safe and fun experience to every one of our guests.
  • Share job related concerns and ideas with fellow guides, staff, trip leaders and managers.
  • Deal professionally with challenging guests and with other staff members during challenging
  • Be on time according to Trip Leader and manager set directives and guest needs.

Guide Qualifications

  • CPR and First-Aid Certification
  • Customer Service and People Skills
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Ability to work well with a wide variety of people. Including different ages, race, culture, religions, etc.
  • Physically Fit
  • Team Player
  • Fluent English
  • Safety Conscious
  • Camping and Outdoor Skills
  • Self-Starter

Application and Hiring Process

We receive inquires from people wanting to be guides for WET River Trips with various amounts of experience, looking for various positions. From experienced guides who have worked with our competitors but feel like they would be a better fit with us and would to prefer to work with an Outfitter that is more focused on quality trips over the quantity of trips. From experienced guides who have worked in other countries and/or other parts of the United States. As well as people who are interested in becoming first time guides. Some of these people are only interested in working weekends here and there and some are looking to by full-time guides. We have opportunities for all of these individuals.

We ask that you complete and send in the WET River Trips Guide Employment Application Form (have as link). Please include a resume (preferred but not mandatory) and copies of any valid certifications.

For applicants with no prior commercial rafting experience we offer an exceptional Guide School Program. We do look to hire individuals with potential that we feel will fit in with our culture out of our Guide School. During our Guide School, you will be trained in all aspects of becoming a guide. After completion, you will be offered and given the opportunity to continue your training. No previous experience is required.

Need Help Paying For Guide School?

Because we know how valuable becoming a whitewater guide can be throughout your life and how valuable exceptional guides are to us, we do not want cost to be a determining factor. Therefore, each year WET River Trips selects a few promising applicants to receive financial assistance designed to waive or reduce the cost of attending our Guide School. Click on this link Guide School Tuition Assistance Program (link) to learn more and apply.

How to Apply

If you already have experience as a commercial guide and are interested in working with us, please download and complete our Guide Employment Application Form (link). You can email your completed employment application (link) with copies of certifications and any other relevant information to [email protected] or mail to:

WET River Trips
PO Box 794
Lotus, Ca. 95651

Guide Employment Application Form (link)

Please contact our Personnel Director Chad Richards at [email protected] or (888) RAFT-WET extension 200 if you have any other questions.

WET River Trips is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, or disabling condition.