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    California Rafting - W.E.T. River Trips

    How do I reserve a rafting trip?

    I'm ready to buy. How do I reserve my rafting trip? You can either call us 1.888.723.8938 or go directly to our online store and purchase your river trip now. Click on the red helmet on the image below.

    online store picture
    Our online store accepts all major credit cards

    What dates are available?

    Check our calendar dates for river trips first. Then call us or email us to confirm availability. After confirming, go ahead and purchase either by phone or by online store. (1.888.723.8938 or

    What do I wear, What do I bring?

    In colder weather or spring time, we advise wetsuit gear to keep you warm on the river. What to wear information will give you advice on clothing for whitewater rafting trips. If you are on an overnight camping trip with us, please see the lists for what to bring on a rafting trip. In the summer, basics are needed. Swim wear, shorts, tennis shoes and lots of sunblock!

    Where can I stay before I meet the trip?

    You are traveling and need accommodations in the local rafting area. Please see our travel links for the Sacramento area, San Francisco, Tahoe and lodging information near the rivers.

    Are there any rafting discounts?

    Rafting discounts can be found on several pages of our website including the discounts on our calendars for each river. Check the price list for featured discounts, too.

    What about discounts for Scouts or non-profit groups?

    We will work a budget for your troop or non-profit group. We ask that you call us directly for special rates for your non-profit group. Saturdays are difficult to discount. We advise that you look at Sunday or midweek rafting trips.

    Whats the difference between South Fork and Middle Fork?

    Compare the two most popular rivers in the Western United States! If you need help deciding, just call our reservation staff 1.888.723.8938 for advice. Or you can decide yourself by reading the two descriptions of the river. Do I raft the South Fork American or the Middle Fork American?

    What about Teen Programs?

    Families with teens are welcome on many of our rafting trips. We also have special programs just for teens ages 12 to 17 yrs old. Visit our teen rafting pages for more information.

    What's on the menu for our trip?

    Check our rafting menu for information on what we serve. Please let us know if there is anyone in your group with severe food allergies prior to your trip. Also, let us know about specal diets; vegan, kosher or other religous food restrictions for your group. W.E.T. River Trips also has a fun camping chef food blog on the internet! Lots of great grill tips and camping menus for families and kids.

    What kind of rafts and boats do we ride in?

    The majority of our trips are in paddle boats (rafts). Everyone paddles as the guide shouts out commands. We also offer oar-boats where the guide rows with 10-foot oars. This is ideal for someone who may have a physical restriction or is very young.

    What does Class III mean?

    The river classification system is an international guide for describing rivers and their difficulty. BUT, don' t get caught up in numbers. All rivers have variables. High flows will change a designated class for any river. Call our office for updates on flows and rivers. Or check our American River flow information for up-to-date, real time data access.

    What is CFS?

    CFS is an acronym for cubic feet per second. It is a measurement of water flowing through a particular volume. You will hear us talk about 5,000 cfs in the springtime or 1,500 cfs in the summer. The number will describe very accurately, the conditions and flows for that river trip.

    What are the guide's qualifications?

    Let's face it. Guides make the trip. W.E.T. River Trips has a very seasoned crew that loves river rafting. We start very early in the season, around mid-March. Our guides have many miles before they ever take a paying client down any river. Check our info on our rafting guides.

    Why should we go with W.E.T. River Trips?

    There are several reasons to river raft with us. The most important reason is our company's philosophy: "Safety is our #1 priority." We treat you professionally from the initial contact with our reservation desk to the implementation of your trip. W.E.T. River Trips has taken hundreds of thousands of rafters down the rivers in California since 1978, and we are still owned and operated by the ORIGINAL owner of W.E.T.! The company is financially strong, historically safe and plans to operate the personalized trips well into the future.

    What other rivers can I run?

    Ok, you've done all of our rivers and you want more. Check our river page for direct links to other rafting companies specializing on these other river rafting trips. Other river rafting links or rafting resources can be found on our website along with several links to rafting directories.