Chili Bar (Class III)

South Fork American - 1 day Chili Bar (Upper)

Class: III

Meet Time: 9:00 AM

End Time : 2:00 PM (will vary)

Price: $99

Minimum Age: 8

5461 Bassi Rd, Lotus, CA 95651

Our most popular day trip boasts rapids right from the start. Surf a hole at Chile Bar Hole and enjoy favorite rapids, including Meatgrinder, Triple Threat and Trouble Maker, the river’s most challenging and exciting rapid. These rapids are followed by a relaxing float through Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma.

Our most popular day trip begins with you meeting us at 9:00 at the private Camp Lotus campground. We shuttle you up to the top of the river canyon, providing you with everything you need to enjoy your trip, including paddles, personal floatation devices (lifejackets), helmets, a safety orientation and professional guides. Here the river starts out with thrills right from the start. After practicing our paddling and getting comfortable in the raft you will have the opportunity to surf a hole at Chile Bar rapid, if you choose, before tackling exciting rapids like Meatgrinder, Triple Threat and culminating in the most challenging and exciting rapid on the river, Trouble Maker, after which you can enjoy the calming stretch through historic gold discovery state park in Coloma and back to your cars where we first meet, between 2:00 and 3:00. Yet even in this stretch our guides have the ability to play with the features giving you additional thrills or guide you safely and serenely back home, depending on what you are looking for. Along the way we will stop for a gourmet deli lunch along the river, skillfully prepared by your guides. Once back at your car, you will have the opportunity to relive your experience by watching a slideshow of photos taken by professional photographers, relax on the grass fields or take a hot shower before you leave. You also can choose to camp at our camp before and/or after your trip with a gourmet breakfast and/or dinner if you choose. Simply book online or call us to ahead of time.