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Our Friends and Partners

Our photos partners on the South Fork of the American River for both our Chili Bar and Gorge trips. This family owned and operated business snaps top quality photos of all the big rapids and provides them all to you in one big package to share with your friends and family. Don’t forget to tag us in all those amazing photos!

Description: Sierra Nevada Photos is a small local family owned and operated business. We capture your exciting whitewater images on the entire South Fork of the American River in Coloma, Ca. If it happened on the river WE GOT IT

California Watersport Collective is a community-building organization committed to empowering all people to be confident both on and off the water by developing both athletic and leaderships skills, cultivating personal connections and encouraging environmental stewardship.

Camp Lotus host our South Fork American Camp. For more info see our accommodations page.

Description: Camp Lotus Lodge & Campground lies on the bank of the South Fork American River. A perfect location for weddings, events, gatherings, or simply pitching a tent on soft grass near the river. We strive to provide guests with the unique experience of being immersed in the outdoors while still having some simple comforts, like a muffin and espresso in the morning. Please, come and bike, kayak, raft, hike, or simply find a good tree to read your book under while the river hums nearby. Have dinner with friends sitting around a campfire. Go to sleep under the stars. Wake up with a hot shower, warm muffin, steaming coffee, and repeat.

Interested in taking a SUP on the river? Want to learn how to safely shred rapids on your SUP? If the answer is yes, then The River SUP Guy – Davide Sartoni is the guy to see!

Description: Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) provides an exciting way to enjoy the river. Whether you simply want to float on moving water or are looking to challenge yourself in whitewater, doing it on a SUP adds a whole other element of adventure and challenge. Like with other river activities, understanding the river environment and associated hazards is critical to having a safe and enjoyable outing. Davide is a certified river SUP instructor with the American Canoe Association and also certified in Swift Water Rescue and a Wilderness First Responder.