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Klamath River Rafting -Ukonom Falls

A perfect river trip for families, kids, boy scouts, girl scouts and first timers! Experience 50 miles of uninterrupted Wild and Scenic River on this 3-5 day expedition, along the Lower Klamath River hidden deep in Northern California!

Lower Klamath River rafting trips provide the perfect opportunity to bound with your family, friends & anyone in your group as you float the Klamath River taking in the magnificent wilderness scenery, take-on the rapids either in a raft or kayak, relax in 1 of the many Klamath River camping spots, and marvel under Ukonom falls which on those who float the river can see!

These trips are especially treasured by Boy Scout & Girl Scout troops, who have the opportunity to earn merit badges on top of everything else Klamath River rafting trips have to offer!

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Trip Description - Lower Klamath

The Lower Klamath provides an ideal multi day whitewater rafting experience for families, first timers, not to mention scouts looking to get their whitewater merit badges. One of the first two rivers in California to receive the Federal “Wild & Scenic” designation, the Lower Klamath River is the heart of the 2nd largest river system in California and one of the last rivers in California left running free and undammed for an extended stretch (180 miles). 

The Lower Klamath River meanders through the spectacular scenic forest of the northwest corner in California. From Southern Oregon to the “Lost Coast” of California, the Klamath is treasured for its scenic beauty, diverse wildlife and recreational opportunities. Bald eagles, river otters, turtles and other wildlife are plentiful. The fishing is unbelievable and the terrain breath-taking. Not to mention it is the home to legendary stories of Bigfoot and other cryptids. Making it an ideal setting for families, kids, fisherman, or anyone looking for a multi day white water rafting trip in the wilderness.

WET River Trips specializes in providing the highest quality trips for every type of group. Whether you are looking for a family rafting trip, have a school, church or scout group you want to take on a multi day white water rafting trip, want to experience blue-ribbon fishing, would like to take on the rapids on your own in inflatable kayaks, or hike up to the secluded Ukonom Falls, come see why a Lower Klamath River whitewater rafting trip is such an unforgettable experience. On top of all of that, WET River Trips specializes in custom and charter trips to fit your group’s needs.

Lower Klamath River

Boy Scouts getting their whitewater merit badges on the Lower Klamath

Description Continued

The rapids are fun and splashy without being overly intimidating for first timers. With the option to ride in inflatable or sit-on top kayaks there can be more than enough excitement for anyone. The water of the river is warm and comfortable, opening the opportunities for relaxing in swimming holes. The riverside camps have large welcoming beaches.

The Ukonom Falls Trail is one of the true gems of this trip. This quick side hike offers the opportunity to get up close to one of the most picturesque waterfall in the state. This hike is only accessible to those willing to traverse the river, virtually ensuring your group will be the only ones present at the falls.

Don’t forget to add the Video Package to your reservation so you can relive your adventure and share it with friends.

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Happy Camp, California

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