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If you’re looking to do some white water rafting and can’t decide which company to choose, trust me when I say that the only way to go is WET! Everybody that I dealt with my whole time from planning the trip to the trip itself, and the time spent after the trip, were the nicest and most accommodating people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We did their North Fork Class IV+ trip, all of us were first-timers and our guide was very patient with us and we had a great time, being able to jump in and spend time floating alongside the rafts during the calm parts of the river and tackling some exhilarating rapids. A fantastic lunch was also provided about halfway through the trip in which we used the underside of one of the rafts as the serving table. We had a group of 10 people all between the ages of 21-30 and everyone had a blast, even to the point where during the dinner we had afterwards we were already planning on doing a 2 day trip this summer, with WET of course! Special shout-outs to our guides for being awesome people. Can’t wait to see everyone again this summer!

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